Our World

Kaputt 2016

FROM GERMAN KAPUTT: 1. Utterly finished 2. Defeated or destroyed 3. Unable to function. LEBLANCSTUDIOS generates its discourse by starting through linguistics to disposable objects like a lighting bulb, self destructive attitudes, useless company slogans, genocide, white-collar crimes, fake friendships, propaganda, and war. From colors pink to black, prints of relevant news, archive material, and slogans the collection represents the human disintegration. The name of the collection comes from the album Kaputt by Destroyer.


Singular Unity 2017

Singular Unity is based on the concept of technological singularity, or the way in which everything converges in one place due to the large amount of information that we are processing nowadays. We are highly connected and surrounded by information that we are constantly processing via our technological devices, resulting in a dilution or loss of cultural identity, leaving us all in a state of some form of “cut-and-paste”. Singular unity is made up of two conversations: the first is about the way in which technology affects us and is changing our perception of time, while the second focuses on class-based stereotypes in the Dominican Republic.


Ready-Made Objects 2017

Ready-made, everyday object selected and designated as art; the name was coined by the French artist Marcel Duchamp. After giving it much thought, we finally decided to include this art movement because it represents our design methodology. By making embroideries of imperfect doodles that represent the most iconic Ready-Mades, such as: the “Fountain” by Marcel Duchamp, The “Gift’ by Man Ray, and others we included this art-pieces. Approached with peruvian jersey cotton and experimental washed denim garments that had a hand-work after being washed to reflect casual luxury wear nowadays.


Murder is My Business 2018

Reconstructed and inspired classics of reworks of the noir scene, adapting to the culture of Dominican Republic. Utilizing archive material scans from the "Archivo General de la Nación" at the Dominican Republic


Murder is My Business 2nd Edition El Pueblo Cuestiona 2020

There’s a very fine line between living and persisting. Living is about nature, while persistence is about time. Resistance is an idea and ideas must persist. The very act of Resistance can make any idea come alive. In the Dominican Republic, our society tends to define itself based on the political situation. Our leaders, past and present, continue to transform society. El Pueblo Cuestiona® is the underlying narrative. It’s an attitude that defies sinister manipulations. It’s an act of resistance. LEBLANCSTUDIOS® places the viewer both at the forefront and the backdrop of a scene: on the one hand, Murder is My Business incriminates him, by turning him into a contract killer, a hit man of things, of everyday life. El Pueblo Cuestiona® is a reaction to the politics that are rooted/transformed in the events of today's society. We visit the scene of the great Dominican crime: a marked lack of ideology, because anyone who dares to think differently gets murdered. To end up being challenged. By whom? By you. You become the cartel, the accuser and the criminal. You are the one who must wear each item. We’re calling on you to live through/resist the experience. Could LEBLANCSTUDIOS® be a victim of this very same crime through this act of turning recent history into fashion? Are you able to face up to your own situation and become the medium? In a process of redefining things, anything can happen: whether in fashion, on a poster, or on film. Curatorial Text: estudio caribe


Wrong Closets 2020

Through Lewis Gordon's talk, "Shifting the Geography of Reason", Wrong Closets rethinks fashion systems from the Global South through a focus on the production of LATAM and Caribbean identity. Exploring the second-hand clothing market and political archives from the 1960s, along with their dress codes, social behaviors, and cultural values the collection is void of idealization, glamour, and ego.