What other people have to say about Le Blanc Studio

I went to high school with John and Steve and we have been friends ever since. When they opened their first studio, I teased them a bit about the name and to tell you the truth, I am still not sure why they called it Le Blanc Studio. I really do not. In any case, I have been a regular at their studio, the old one and the new one as well ever since and I have been helping them around with non-music stuff as much as I could over the years. It is still my favorite place to go as there is always great music there and there are always some really cool people there to talk to and party with. Oh yeah, there are always chicks there too.

Jorge, a friend

Back in the early 2005, I got a call from this band from New Mexico asking about my services as a drummer. They were playing some very weird Americana stuff and they needed a drummer for this album they were recording. I told them that I was interested and they told me they would meet me at the Le Blanc Studio in Las Cruces, NM. I never heard of the place before but as soon as I got into town and inquired, everyone knew what I was talking about. When I first came in, I thought that these guys were screwing with me. It did not look like a studio at all. There were people sleeping there and the guy who was running the show, Steve was wearing a wife-beater with beer stains down it. I was not that hyped to be there. The guys who wanted to play with me were there and we went into the recording area of the studio. I started feeling the atmosphere of the whole place and it carried me. I spent the entire month there and it was just great. I played some of my best drums there.

L.J. Stone, NY

I never played in a band and I never was much of a music fan, but I just love going to Le Blanc Studio and just hanging out there. I have met some incredibly cool people there and even though I am not that much of a music fan, I have listened to some really great bands there. The Gordon guys are just so cool all the time and there is always beer to go there. Oh yeah, I even met my wife there. She was there with some band and we fell in love right there and then. We even got married at Le Blanc Studio. So there you have it, a cool place with cool people, cool music and a place where I met and married my wife. Can you say that you know of a place like that?

Robert Kanton, Las Cruces

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